Some statistics about Montana grain farming, July 2017

From the July 2017 issue of Montana Grain News (1)

  • The last five years, Montana has exported 73% of our wheat crop. The main destinations during those five years are Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Guatemala/El Salvador.
  • The top importer of U.S. wheat overall is Mexico.
  • Mexico is also the top importer of Montana barley.
  • The Pacific Rim is the top destination for Montana wheat.

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Quote, August 13 2012 — A good way to think about all statistics

“I have always said if you torture statistics long enough they will eventually confess.”

– Alan Simpson, former Senator from Wyoming, in an August 13 2012 interview with Deirdre Bolton on BloombergTV’s In The Loop, video embedded and excerpts transcribed at Tyler Durden’s August 13 2012 post on Zero Hedge titled “Alan Simpson Confirms Reality: ‘All The Things You Love Will Not Come To Pass'”

First off — I actually like statistics.

I will also readily admit statistics is not a field that has set answers, rather it is a field where the answer you get will depend greatly upon what question you ask and how you ask it.

And don’t even get me started on whether or not your sample is large enough or diverse enough to be a truly representative sample (in which case you can use some types of statistical methods and assumptions) or not (in which case you have to make other assumptions and possibly use other methods too). Ugh.

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