Some statistics about Montana grain farming, July 2017

From the July 2017 issue of Montana Grain News (1)

  • The last five years, Montana has exported 73% of our wheat crop. The main destinations during those five years are Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Korea, and Guatemala/El Salvador.
  • The top importer of U.S. wheat overall is Mexico.
  • Mexico is also the top importer of Montana barley.
  • The Pacific Rim is the top destination for Montana wheat.

From a number of news articles earlier this year:

  • This last year had the lowest amount of winter wheat planted in the United States in almost a century.
  • The number of farms in the U.S. (over two million) is the lowest it’s been in a century.


(1) Montana Grain News, “The official publication of the Montana Grain Growers Association”, Issue No. 173,

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