Whoa, little book! – some light humor

Whoa, that’s enough now, whoa, little book!
We’ve come now right to the end.
You’re keen to keep going on further,
And you can’t be held back on the last page,
As if you hadn’t finished the task
That was finished already on the first page.
Now your reader is grumbling and giving up,
Now even the scribe himself is saying
“Whoa, that’s enough now, whoa, little book!”

Martial (full name Gaius Valerius Martialis, c. 40-101 AD), Epigrams 4.89

From A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities, by J.S. McKeown, page 232.

This is hilarious. I am really tempted to find some translation that I know is past copyright and then make some bookmarks or something out of it.


On a side note, Latin text of the above as written in A Cabinet of Roman Curiosities (excellent book, really enjoyed it, but some truly crazy stuff in there as well):

Ohe, iam satis est, ohe, libelle!
iam pervenimus usque ad umbilicos.
Tu procedere adhuc it ire quaeris,
nec summa potes in schida teneri,
sic tamquam tibi res peracta non sit
quae prima quoque pagina peracta est.
iam lector queriturque deficitque,
iam librarius hoc et ipse dicit
“Ohe, iam satis est, ohe, libelle!”

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