Sunday, June 22 2014: some interesting tea recipes and links

All posted this last week from The Daily Tea:

  • Recipe for Butterscotch Breakfast Buns, made with pu-erh tea (!!), looks very interesting. I don’t have any milk powder here, I’ll have to look up what that does in a recipe and see if I can make it without the milk powder.
  • Recipe for Blueberry Green Tea Smoothie, I was originally going to skip this one as I’ve seen zillions of smoothie recipes — but this one is the first I’ve seen to use ground almonds and flax seed.
  • Five tips for differentiating between good and poor matcha — don’t drink matcha myself, but always good to know what the signs are of good quality vs. poorer quality. Most interesting thing in this article was finding out that good matcha is grown in the shade which forces the plant to produce more chlorophyll.
  • A very moving tribute to John Harney, who founded Harney and Sons Master Tea Blenders.
  • The story of how Zhena Muzyka founded Zhena’s, a line of teas. She’s also recently written a book on tea, there are more details in the article.

    “There’s nothing new under the sun with tea, it’s thousands of years old. For any tea connoisseur or tea purveyor it’s really the magic of blending something in a unique way and having it satisfy the palates of certain audiences. That’s what I always focused on, what would I love to drink, what would be inspiring, what would be different. I thought about what would make someone inhale a favorite scent, and feel like life was getting a mite easier. Whatever I did, I always focused on making sure it was uplifting.”



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