Sunday, June 15, 2014: Some tea links from the past week

As a note, I am going to try to start writing once a week about good tea links I have found. There have been a number of times I’ve started projects on this blog to write regular updates about this-or-that topic, most of them I haven’t stuck with.

Hopefully I’ll be able to stick with this one.


Some articles that caught my eye on The Daily Tea:*

From the Fine Tea Focus blog from Jas eTea LLC,

JAS eTea also has an electronic newsletter, the Fine Tea Focus Newsletter. There were two issues this week, both interesting:

  • The issue sent out this morning (June 15) discussed labeling on Pu-Erh cakes and what the various numbers, Chinese characters and English names mean. The same information appears on their Fine Tea Focus blog on June 6.
  • The issue sent out June 12 discussed Darjeeling teas, which are originally from China but are grown in northern India. Usually thought of as a black tea, Darjeeling is also available in white, green and oolong varieties, although there is some difference of opinion whether Darjeeling oolong is a true oolong.


* Although I do have a subscription to The Daily Tea, I try not to post links to articles that require a subscription to read. Also, they currently have a contest going to win tea and a subscription, but it requires liking their page on Facebook. I don’t use Facebook much anymore, so the contest really doesn’t interest me that much.

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