Quote, May 17 2014: A life well lived

a life well lived does not mean assuring financial success, it means having Soul in the Game. It means living with integrity, taking risks and exposing yourself not just to downside for yourself, but for others.

-Taylor Pearson, “My Favorite Heuristic for Evaluating Relationships: The Antifragile Person”, Taylor Pearson, April 27 2014 (site last visited May 17 2014)

This is a quote from a longer blog post that is really good and really worth reading. A short version of it is: 1) financial success shouldn’t be your only goal, and 2) you’ll get a lot farther in life if you’re willing to be around people who will politely tell you when they disagree with you, and who will listen and be willing to think about what you say when you politely disagree with them.

A thanks to Charles Hugh Smith for the link, I got it from his oftwominds musings list (which is something I would absolutely recommend as a short weekly newsletter to sign up for).

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