Quote, March 31 2014: You can’t save someone, you can only help them save themselves

In real life, the damsel in distress can’t be saved. She may want to, and those who love her may feel the need to respond to this, but she can only be loved. Because the demons she wants to get rid off are inside her soul, so deep that no one can get in and slay them. That’s the irony of it all: only love helps her conquer her demons, at her own terms. She alone can walk into the darkest corners of her soul and get rid of what’s keeping her from truly loving herself.

You can only love people, and that is more than enough, more than anyone should ever ask for. Love gives you strength and courage, and if you use those properly, you end up loving yourself, you end up becoming the best possible version of yourself.

“You cannot save people”, Cristian Mihai, Cristian Mihai, March 29 2014

(Couldn’t figure out how to reblog that post, otherwise would have reblogged it instead of quoting it.)

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