Not much cooking this week, still been busy

I cooked up some sausage and about 6 pounds of pork chops today, but other than that I’ve been busy.

I’d say the pork chops should last us a while . . . but to be honest, both my father and I have been really hungry the last week, I don’t know if it’s because the weather turned cold and cruddy for a few days or what. But I suspect those 6+ pounds of pork chops will all be gone by Sunday.

Mostly drinking Assam black tea and Black Currant black tea right now. I mixed up a lemongrass herbal tea blend, and also a rooibos and cinnamon herbal tea blend. Both of them are not quite where I want them yet, so still working on them.

And I got a request from a friend for some help with some iced tea. The friend and I both like the Black Currant black tea I mix up, but its taste changes a bit when it becomes iced tea, and it also tends to cloud up. I think I just need to quit brewing it so strong when it’s iced tea.

On a completely unrelated note, if you’re looking for cardamom and wondering what the difference is between black and green cardamom, this page has a good explanation.

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