Been busy this last week. Did get a chance to do some cooking though.

Wow!! Busy week this last week, two different agriculture seminars I attended. Hopefully I can get some notes typed up sometime this next week; I’m trying to get away from stacks of handwritten paper, which are my notes from the last few years of seminars.

I did get a chance to do some cooking, cooked some pork steak, pork noodles, and sausage. No, I’ve never yet posted the recipe for pork noodles, I need to do that too. This last year I started eating a lot of cabbage, and now I love eating breakfast sausage with raw or lightly-cooked cabbage. I also added some cabbage to the vegetables for pork noodles and that turned out well too.

Teas I drank this week were mainly Assam black tea and Black Currant black tea. I’ve been feeling really cold lately, so I’m trying to make a variation of a really wonderful rooibos tea that Jennifer Petersen made at her shop The Carnelian Rose. It had cinnamon in it and was really great. I think I’ll put some cardamom in mine, just to see how it works out.

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