Phil’s Fonts — A nice site

Site: Phil’s Fonts,

I know the right alphabet and the right formatting can do wonders for a piece of written text.

I know what I like when I see it.

But I’m still learning how to create that myself.

Adding in the web browser dimension just makes it more complicated. Even if you like what you see on your screen, how will it render on the user’s screen? And yes, there are some newer ways to create more ways for users to see fonts, but I’m wrapping my head around how those work too.

Plus still learning about how different types of typesets work together (or don’t work together, as the case may be).

If you want to learn about fonts and typesets, the book The Non-Designer’s Design & Type Books by Robin Williams is fantastic.

And Ms. Williams’ book is where I found a recommendation for Phil’s Fonts, which is a very nice and useful site with many thousands of fonts. You can search them by name, type, and foundry, and it will tell you the different formats each font is available in, as well as letting you try out sample text with a font.

The only thing I’d say to be careful of is some of the end-user license agreements. Those vary by font foundry, and some can be VERY specific about what formats you can use the font in, or how many times, or on how many machines.

On the plus side, Phil’s Fonts has a couple of fonts available for free download each month, and also a really nice free newsletter that showcases different fonts each month so you can see how some of the many fonts look in different settings.

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