Computer stuff: Finally found a new photo hosting site

Short version: going to give Phanfare a try. Might put up notes on how it goes if I find anything REALLY amazingly good or REALLY amazingly bad.

Longer version:

So, for a long time now I’ve had a Flickr account.

However, I’ve run into a few problems. First off, I wanted to find a place to post pictures for a business. According to some articles a while back in Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist, Flickr considers itself to be non-commercial site for non-commercial use, that’s part of its user agreement, and there have been artists who stored business pictures on Flickr only to have their accounts and all hosted pictures deleted when Flickr staff realized the pictures were being used to promote a business.

So, no Flickr for business photos.

And, it seems a few times I’ve recently gone to look at my Flickr account, it’s loaded a lot slower than I remember.

I thought that was due to me having too many pictures that weren’t categorized the right way or something, but I’ll get back to that in a moment.

I used to have a Photobucket account I played around with, but I gave that up years ago, the site was too spammy and hard to use.

No, I have no interest in Picasa, I don’t like Google’s “Let’s track the world — it’s for your own good!!!” mentality.

So, while digging around I found some reviews of photo-sharing websites at It’s interesting that many of the user comments are far less complimentary than the reviewer comments, but in the end it’s all useful information that I didn’t have before, as far as I’m concerned.

And from user comments, it seems I am not the only one having problems with Flickr being slower. That’s good to know.

Looking at various hosting sites, their pages, prices, technical specs, user reviews, etc., I’m going to give Phanfare a try.

If I find anything amazingly good or bad about the site, I might write a follow-up post.


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