Useful tools for digital photographs

These are some useful links and tools I stumbled across recently.

I like taking photos and went fully digital almost 10 years ago, so I have lots and lots of digital photos. However, I have limited experience with all the thousand-and-one ways you can manipulate photos digitally, or all the information you can get from a digital photo file.

PhotoME doesn’t do any type of image manipulation. But it WILL show you just about everything it’s possible to find out from a digital photograph regarding the camera’s settings. In the case of some digital cameras, they embed a surprising amount of data into their picture files — what type of camera, both model and manufacturere; which lens; which exposure; was a flash used; and a ton of other stuff.

PhotoME will work with images in many different file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG and most RAW file formats.

I’ve already played around with PhotoME a bit, it’s pretty impressive. Extremely easy to download and install too.

(NOTE: that camera data is referred to as EXIF data, it is embedded in your digital pictures by your camera. I am not certain, but I think there are applications and programs which can remove that EXIF data from your digital photographs, in case you don’t want the entire world to know which cameras you use.)

EXIF Viewer is a plugin for your Firefox web browser. It can show EXIF data of pictures on your computer if they are in JPEG format, and also pictures displayed in Firefox from other sources (such as web pages).

I haven’t tried EXIF Viewer yet, it looks interesting but is limited to JPEG files only.

Stolen Camera Finder is a web site that will help you track down a stolen or lost camera, based on the camera serial number in EXIF data from pictures from that camera.

(Obviously, if your camera is lost or stolen before you get any digital pictures from it saved to somewhere besides the camera, and you didn’t bother to write down the camera serial number, then you’re probably out of luck.)

This is another service I haven’t tried, but I thought I’d put up a link to it while I’m writing this post.

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