Some random thoughts on today, the third Friday of March 2013

Some random thoughts . . . .


Why is it that when men get together and drink alcohol, they tell funny stories and brag about the things they’ve done; but when women get together and drink alcohol, they gripe about people who aren’t there to defend themselves?


On some of the reservations in Montana, an invitation to a drinking contest is actually an invitation to a fight. As in “I’m mad at you and want to pick a fight, and ‘how about you and I try to match each other shot-for-shot’ is how I’m letting you know I’m mad and want to get in a fight with you.”

I would never in a million years would have interpreted “let’s match each other shot-for-shot and see who lasts the longest” as the newer version of a thrown gauntlet.



I’ve been hopping back and forth between Opera & Firefox as my main browser for a while. Looks like I’ll be settling on Firefox, as Opera is going to replace its own internal engine with the same engine that runs Chrome and Safari.

And while I was looking up the link to that story, I also found out that Chrome, Opera & Internet Explorer all have a potentially unpleasant bug in how they interpret HTML5. And here’s a couple of articles from last year about how important Firefox really is. Firefox is trying to come up with ways to let content follow the user, not the platform, which I think is a good thing in that it works against what Bruce Schneier describes as a digital world becoming a feudal world.



Tea made from a blend of nettle leaf, roasted dandelion root, and green yerba mate makes a very mild and mellow evening tonic.


And if you have a soda pop habit, look into other beverages like tea or coffee. For your own health, please.

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