Catching up on USDA FSA bulletins, Jan 17 – Feb 22

Between some traveling and other things in life, I fell behind on posting information from the USDA Farm Services’ Administrations e-mail bulletins. So here is some belated information from earlier this year.

Feb 1, Montana’s state Farm Services’ Administration’s February e-newsletter (requires .pdf reader to view):


  • Upcoming sign-up dates
  • Information on which agriculture programs were and weren’t extended recently.
  • Information on adjusted gross income and payment limitations.
  • Information on various other programs, deadlines, and reporting requirements.

Jan 17, List of upcoming deadlines for Montana FSA for the coming year (web page):

Jan 24, Reminder on deadlines, link to information in .pdf format:

Feb 16, Reminder of deadline for claims from women & Hispanic farmers and ranchers claiming discrimination from the USDA (web page):

Feb 20, Press release announcing 45th general sign-up for the Conservation Reserve Program (web page):

Currently, about 27 million acres are enrolled in CRP nationwide. Producers that are accepted in the sign-up can receive cost-share assistance to plant long-term, resource-conserving covers and receive an annual rental payment for the length of the contract (10-15 years). Montana currently has 11,140 contracts on more than 2 million acres enrolled in CRP making it the fourth largest CRP state in the United States. In 2012, Montana CRP participants received more than $91.7 million dollars. Approximately 366,000 of CRP acres in Montana will expire on Sept. 30, 2013.

Also, a text-only e-mail sent out Feb 22 reminding everyone again of upcoming deadlines.

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