New Chouteau County Farms Services Agency Newsletter, Dec 3, 2012

Link is

Anyone can sign up to receive the bulletins by e-mail. As always, the people who write it did a great job creating a clear and easily-readable newsletter.

This newsletter covers a ton of upcoming signup dates.

It also has a lot of information about various loan programs for farmers and ranchers. Quite honestly, I had no idea there were so many.

And also some details about what programs are in hiatus due to lack of a new Farm Bill [1]. Some programs are not affected, some programs are affected. Even affected programs are still running for existing contracts, it’s just that no new contracts under those programs can be signed unless more money is allocated to the program, which can’t happen unless a new Farm Bill is written or the old Farm Bill is extended.

[1] Given how what percentage of money goes where, the “Farm Bill” should really be called the “Food Stamp Bill” since something like 80% of the money in the “Farm Bill” actually goes for supplemental food assistance. But that’s another topic for another day and not one that affects the information covered in the newsletter.

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