A few recommended resources for those who like to cook

Presented in no particular order.


Bon Appetit — http://www.bonappetit.com/ A really good magazine. A lot of their recipes are too fancy or complicated for my tastes, but they have a lot of recipes that are good and once in a while have a recipe that is WONDERFUL!! And regardless of whether I actually cook any recipes in a given issue or not, it’s always fun to read.

Cook’s Illustrated — http://www.cooksillustrated.com/ Another really good magazine, I start reading every issue as soon as it comes in the mail. Tells you not just how to make something, but why they are saying to make it that way and all the variations they went through to develop the recipe. Also has a wonderful website and tons of great links on their Facebook page too.

Cook’s Countryhttp://www.cookscountry.com/ A companion magazine to Cook’s Illustrated, Cook’s Country focuses more on homestyle cooking, or cooking for larger groups. They regularly ask for reader submissions of vintage recipes and then after cooking them all up, let us know what the best vintage recipes are. Those vintage recipes are worth the price of subscription alone.

Catalogs and Web Sites

Bob’s Red Mill — http://www.bobsredmill.com/  Based in the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area (Milwaukie, Oregon to be precise), Bob’s Red Mill has really great wheat flours and tons of tons of specialty flours. If you are curious about various non-wheat flours, Bob’s Red Mill probably has it. Ground arrowroot, rice flour, barley flour, rye flour, quinoa flour, teff flour, and everything else you can think of. The packages all come with suggested recipes on the back. They also have some great mixes, like a soup mix that is beans and barley. Lots of recipes available on their website, also lots of cookbooks.

King Arthur Flour — http://www.kingarthurflour.com/ Another flour and baking catalog, King Arthur Flour is based in the northeast U.S. Lots of really good wheat flours, also flavor additives, cheese powders, bread and bagel toppings, different types of bulk chocolate, baking tins, paper baking cups for things you’ll send out as gifts, all types of stuff. Recipes on their website and in each catalog. Lots of good cookbooks about baking and bread baking too. They have a really good baking cookbook, and also a really good whole grains baking cookbook.

Timeless Foods — http://www.timelessfood.com/ If you want lentils, this is the place to go. Scarlet, golden, Du Puy, regular, Beluga, it’s all wonderful. Also some split peas and purple barley, but I love them for their lentils.

Spice Place —  http://www.spiceplace.com/ If you want spices mixes, this is the place to look. A lot of them are in restaurant quantities, but there’s a couple spice mixes I buy from here that I absolutely love so much I use them in restaurant quantities. I mainly go just to order spices, but their site says they are a whole online cooking community, so probably a lot more depth to the site than I’ve gotten into. They do pay attention to the customer, I got a very nice handwritten note with one order explaining that one of the spice mix companies had bought out another one, so even though the brand of mix I got was different than what I ordered, they wanted to assure me it was the same thing, just a different company name. I do $30-$100 orders a couple times a year, that level of attention even to small orders is nice to see!

Pendery’s — http://penderys.com/ Another spice specialist, they have a catalog we regularly get. They have bunches of bulk spices and spice mixes, including some things common in the southern U.S. that we don’t see at all up north. Also tableware, novelty table items, things like bottle openers, aprons, a mortar and pestle both made entirely of sea salt, all types of stuff. LOTS of specialty cookbooks, I look through the catalog sometimes jut look at the cookbooks, and have bought holiday presents for relatives from their catalog (after buying about six cookbooks for myself the first time I ordered from them). Lots of hot spices, chiles and hot sauces.

Oil & Vinegar — http://www.oilvinegarusa.com/ I hadn’t thought to include this until I found out A Cook’s Wares was now semi-defunct (at least as far as an online presence goes) and I was trying to think where else I would find all the different types of vinegar they had. Oil & Vinegar is a franchise, so you’ll have to look up products by store. However, all their stores have an amazing selection of oils and vinegars, so it’s well worth checking out. They also have various spreads, spices, spice mixes, snacks, etc. Although it’s been a while since I’ve been in one, I’ve gotten an oil-marinated garlic spread there which was heavenly.

Catalogs I haven’t ordered from but seem worth mentioning anyway

Chefwear — http://www.chefwear.com/ Professional chef clothing, not just the double-breasted jacket (although they have that too), but shirts, bunches of types of aprons, lots of pants, clogs (including steel-toed clogs), if you want clothing to cook in Chefwear is a good place to look!

(Semi-defunct) A Cook’s Wares — http://www.cookswares.com/ Sadly, it looks like the owner of this catalog has decided to semi-retire and now only has one retail outlet in the northeast U.S. and is no longer trying to operate an catalog or online store. Very sad, as it was a very interesting catalog to browse through.

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