Quote: impending misery and those who gloat over it

What is it with these people who gloat over global ruin? Isn’t the New Age supposed to be all about peace, love and cosmic enlightenment? Geryl’s prophecy exposes a strand of vindictive righteousness — unconscious though it may be — in the movement’s thinking. In the face of unflinching global indifference to its whacky ideas, this sect of the New Age prefers the vision of an imminently scorched Earth to the gradualism of friendly persuasion. Incorrigible sinners who choose to look askance at its promises deserve to suffer, and not in a good way. This is a New Puritanism: like a hell-fire preacher of old, it stands less for something and than against almost everything — in this case, the old, tried, and tested. In the dawn of the New Age, tyranny treads not far behind. We have indeed been warned.

– Peter Brookesmith discussing Patrick Geryl’s prediction that the 2012 end-of-the-world event will include a reversal of Earth’s magnetic poles, a reversal of Earth’s axis of rotation and a reversal of the sun’s magnetic poles, “2012 Watch”, Fortean Times, FT292 October 2012, pg 15.

Sadly, it is not just the New Age movement that contains people who seem very approving of massive pain & misery for millions of people — as long as the person predicting the misery can say they were right, or they can claim it’s for a greater good.

I have a friend who I haven’t spoken to in almost 10 months now who I . . . honestly don’t want to contact, because of her sanctimonious approval of millions of unnecessary deaths.

It started back in December, when she made a comment to me, twice in the space a week, that “I’ve read Bill Gates almost didn’t fund research into a malaria vaccine because he was worried about population control, and I think that’s a very good question.”

To my shame, I did not confront her then and there about how that is not ever a “very good question”. If a disease is going to contribute to population control, it either has to kill millions of people, has to somehow destroy fertility, and/or has to kill lots of children so they don’t grow up to have children of their own.

In the case of malaria, it kills millions of Africans a year, many of them children. If you’re not familiar with what malaria is, it’s a parasite of the blood cells. The parasite has a 2, 3 or 4 day life span depending on the variant of parasite. Every 2, 3 or 4 days, a new bunch of parasites erupts out of infected red blood cells to find fresh red blood cells. As the used-up red blood cells rupture, they release the bodies of dead parasites from the last parasite life-cycle and waste products the parasites produced while in the red blood cells. The waste products cause a very high fever in the person infected, which is why the sign of malaria is a horribly high fever that recurs every 2, 3 or 4 days.

Malaria is also hard on the spleen, as it has to filter out the remains of the dead red blood cells and also the dead parasite bodies. See the book Armies of Pestilence for a very detailed description of what malaria does and how miserable it is.

And it’s okay to condemn millions of kids in Africa to that, because it’s all in the name of population control.

And I’m sure my friend would also say that she didn’t actually say it was a good thing, she just said it was “a very good question”.

It’s not.

A couple months after that, talking to that same friend, I mentioned I had just finished reading the book Unnatural Selection by Hvistendahl, which is about the effects of gender-specific abortion policies in the world, particularly in China and other parts of Asia. China by itself is 100 million girls short. That means there are 100 million men in China who won’t be able to find wives or any type of female significant other that will be solely theirs, because the girls aren’t there. That has a lot of grim implications and in general it’s a grim book.

In the book, Hvistendahl traces the path of some of the population control fads. Like P.J. O’Rourke commented in one of his books, it always seems the people who push population control the most are always want to control populations somewhere far away that’s poor.

For the greater good, of course.

So I was explaining to my friend that Hvistendahl had found initial concerns about population control in Asia in the 1950s had come from a direction we would currently call “the right”, it was a concern about the spread of communism as very populated and destitute countries seemed to be the easiest targets of communist propaganda and coups.

And my friend, who is an ardent Democrat, liberal, and progressive, and who has sadly over the last couple years gone from someone who talked intelligently but with strong opinions about politics, to someone who talks about politics like a rabid professional sports fan talks about their favorite team and that’s teams rivals, said vindictively “AHA!!” Because obviously anyone who has ever been conservative or on the right in any way was evil and/or amoral in their intentions and the more of that evil and amorality that can be revealed to the world, the better.

(No, that last sentence is not an exaggeration. This sadly is the same woman who in December of last year declared Forbes magazine to a tool of “the enemy” and for the last two years has picked the biggest jerk she could find in two states, deemed that person to be her “representative conservative Republican” and has then used that to make awful, vile, foul & historically incorrect statements about all conservatives and all Republicans, because that’s okay because it’s justified because of her “representative sample”. I’ve tried a couple of times to tell her how ridiculous this “representative sample” logic is, and don’t think she’s listened to a single word I’ve said. And yes, by the time this post is done, I’ll be referring to her as a former friend.)

I then went on to explain that Hvistendahl traces the population control movement to the left starting in the 1970s when world overpopulation became a fad. And my friend immediately said in a defensive tone “That was a very important thing!!!”

My friend and her husband have three kids of their own.

So men & women in China & India can be subjected to involuntary sterilizations, women in China can be subjected to government-coerced late term abortions, all to make sure they don’t dare have more children than allowed and population stops growing, and that’s “a very important thing!!!” Said the woman who herself had three kids (which is above the replacement rate of 2.1 children per couple).

And this woman would also describe herself as a Christian.

And those millions of deaths she is condoning, as long as they happen to people she’ll never meet in places she never wants to visit, and that I’m fairly sure Jesus Christ himself would have been appalled by?

Well, those are all okay, as long as it’s a “very good question” and a “very important thing.”

Which is why I say sadly that Brookesmith is not entirely correct, the people who gloat about global misery and ruin are not just in the New Age movement.

As for my friend . . . well, I’ve been quietly mourning the loss of that friendship over the course of the past year. I wish her & her family the best. I bear them and her no ill will. I’m still torn about whether I should contact any other members of her family and if so, how to politely say that I’m no longer visiting them because of disagreements with her. But whatever happens and whatever I decide, there won’t be any other friends I don’t see or talk to because I’m spending time with someone who thinks the unnecessary deaths of millions of kids is an okay thing because of population control.

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