Mail order sources for sour cherries

A few years ago I tried a recipe for a tart cherry cobbler.

That was a big mistake, because the cobbler is great, and about a year later sour cherries became hard to find.

I was able to get some frozen one year, when one of the local grocery stores let people place orders for boxes of frozen fruit with a fruit and berry farm out of Oregon (I think it was Bithell Farms).

But as much as I checked, I missed the sign-up time for placing orders through that grocery store this year.

I know of only one grocery store in town that carries the canned sour cherries, and when I got some a couple years ago there they were about $5 per can. And these weren’t large cans, just the regular 14 ounce cans that most food comes in.

So digging around in the internet this morning, I found a few sources (I’m sure there’s others to be found with more searching, so this is by no means an exhaustive list):

  • Frank Farms in Michigan. Their frozen sour cherries are $7/lb or $35/5 lb bag. Yikes!!
  • Bithell Farms in Oregon. They do still have frozen sour pie cherries available as something to order. However, delivery time is limited, see their website for what times of the year they deliver to various states. And I didn’t see a price on their website, it may vary depending on distance, how large your order is, etc.
  • Surprisingly enough, the best option I found was to set up a subscriber order through Amazon for sour pie cherries canned in water. These are the same brand and can size I was getting in local grocery stores about four or five years ago, and quite a bit cheaper than the one store I could find them in two years ago. If you set up a subscription (which I did, for eight cans every two months), they are cheaper yet. Hooray!!!



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