Technical note — If you have an old Aqua Genie valve for a well or cistern and it has failed, Cycle Stop Valves may be a replacement


This happened to my parents recently — their house water supply runs off a cistern. The Aqua Genie valve failed and was no longer regulating the water pressure, after some looking around we found Cycle Stop Valves were a replacement and the new valve and associated parts we put in have been working quite well for the last couple months.

I think the pside-kick was the model we got from Cycle Stop Valves, although I could be mistaken on that.

If you are not familiar with what these valves do, they reduce cycling of your water pump.

If you have a house with a well or cistern, then without some sort of pressure or flow regulator the water pressure spikes up when the water pump turns on, and after a short while (often, just a minute or two) switch controlling the water pump senses the water pressure is high enough and the pump shuts off. As you continue running water out of a shower head or faucet, the pressure rapidly drops to the point where the water pump turns back on and the pressure spikes up again.

With a pressure or flow regulator, the water pump comes on but with not as much pressure or flow, and if you have the reduced water pump rate matched with the your faucet or shower head flow rates, the pump will stay on as long as the faucet or showerhead is flowing at its full rate. You turn the faucet or shower off, the water pump continues to run for a few seconds to get the house system up to pressure, then the water pump shuts off until the next time someone uses the faucet or shower (or flushes the toilet, which also uses water).

At least, that’s how I understand it. Looking around the web, I found a forum where it appears the discussion had gotten quite heated. I was going to post the technical notes from a couple of forum entries, then a did a little bit more searching — who would have guessed that plumbing forums would have so much animosity? (Not me.)

So first off, my parents have had a Cycle Stop Valve (CSV) in the home water system for a couple of months now, it works great.

Secondly, here are some links for further reading, if you are interested:

All that aside, my parents are happy with their Cycle Stop Valve and so am I, since I live with them and it’s nice to have constant pressure from the shower and faucet again.

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