Beautiful semi-precious stones at Designer Cabs

The site is, being the website for Designer Cabs, a family business in Branson, Missouri.

“Cabs” is short for cabochons, which are stones that are polished smooth and rounded, instead of faceted. Most opaque stones are made into cabochons, as faceting an opaque stone does not produce the flashes and sparkles of light that are produced by faceting a transparent stone.

If you like rocks and semi-precious stone, Designer Cabs is a nice site to browse through. Most of their stones are unmounted, although they do have a few pendants and rings. I look not so much to buy, but just to see what is out there. It is fascinating to see how much variety there is in semiprecious stones.

Because their stock changes with time, I’m not included any pictures from the site, you’ll have to look through it yourself. I found them through a recommendation in the book Designing from the Stone by Lisa Barth, which is also a very beautiful book if you like to look at semiprecious jewelry.



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