Really beautiful landscapes from Elizabeth Kirschenman

I ran across Elizabeth Kirschenman‘s art by accident while traveling in Canada a few years ago with a cousin. We stumbled upon a craft & art fair in one of the cities we visited and Kirschenman had a booth there (if you ever get to meet her in person, she is a very nice person).

She paints very beautiful watercolor landscape paintings. I bought a set of her greeting cards and looking her up on the web recently, I found that she displays art at the Grasslands Gallery in Val Marie, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Down Corner Coulee by Elizabeth Kirschenman

If you haven’t been around the Dakotas (U.S.), eastern Montana (U.S.), southern Alberta (Canada) or southern Saskatchewan (Canada), it’s arid grassland with occasional ravines or gullies. Those ravines or gullies are referred to as “coulees”.

River Ridges by Elizabeth Kirschenman

(Looking it up on the internet, I found the term coulee is derived from French / French Canadian words for “flow”. People from Montana, North Dakota, Alberta & Saskatchewan (and according to Wikipedia, eastern Washington and Louisiana also) usually know what a coulee is . . . People from other states or provinces are confused and wondering why we’re suddenly using old racist terms for manual laborers from Asia. Yes, I once had someone ask me that question when I mentioned coulees in Montana.)

Coulee Trail by Elizabeth Kirschenman

There’s lots of other nice art by other artists at the Grasslands Gallery page, including photographs, paintings and jewelry. It’s a nice site and I hope to see more of Kirschenman’s art posted there, as she is a great artist.

2 thoughts on “Really beautiful landscapes from Elizabeth Kirschenman

  1. Hello, I came across your very kind comments by accident, and am pleased that you were touched by my art! I’m not sure how a lot of this “web” stuff works, but a couple of the labels on the links you’ve posted reference “Eastern Washington” as the locations of these coulees. They are actually in southeastern Alberta. I don’t know how difficult it would be to correct the information, but if possible, would you consider making those changes? Kind regards from Betty Kirschenman

    • Hello Betty!

      I looked through all the code and captions and everything else on this page, and the only place I personally referenced eastern Washington was when I was talking about the term “coulee” and where that term is used for a ravine or gully.

      But I noticed on Bing that an image from this page was posted with the label “Eastern Washington” and I have no idea how that label got there in Bing or any other search engine. 😦

      I can add captions to all the images stating they are from southeastern Alberta, or I can add a note at the top of this post stating that the scenes you painted are all in southeastern Alberta, if you would like.

      Also, while checking some of the links on this post, I found out that Grasslands Gallery is now closed. Are you showing your art through any other galleries?

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