Wonderfully great dog drawings and cartoons by Lili Chin

I found this page through a random post on Facebook. It’s Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin at http://doggiedrawings.net.

I have a weakness for good pen-and-ink / cartoon-like drawings. That is part of the reason why I love Lili Chin’s doggie drawings. Part of it is I like dogs, and she does a wonderful job with the dogs’ facial expressions & body language.

Here are a few of her drawings:

“Chopper & Rocky”

“Chopper & Rocky” by Lili Chin


“Beeru” by Lili Chin


“Jack” by Lili Chin

There’s also a ton of really great posters & books on Lili Chin’s page about dog behavior, dog training, interacting with dogs, and other things. A good post to see some of those is “Dog Training-Related Drawings”.

And if you glance through the posts, there are a lot of links to various dog-related charities & rescue organizations.

It’s a really wonderful site with really great artwork. Please go check it out.  

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