Quote, April 2 2012 – A random question from Cracked.com

“there are probably more nun costumes in America right now than there are actual nun habits, begging the question: Who is dressing up as whom?

– C. Coville, “7 Ridiculously Outdated Assumptions Every Movie Makes”, Cracked.com, April 2 2012


Yes, I regularly check Cracked.com‘s website.  Yes, they often use language that can’t be used in polite company. Their articles make me laugh and every so often I find out something interesting too.

I read Cracked magazine back in college, and liked it better than Mad magazine. Browsing through the most recent issue of Cracked was how I would decompress the last 15 minutes before a test, so I could go into the test with a calm mind because I’d just gotten done laughing at something completely inane & irrelevant, instead of working myself up into a non-thinking panic worrying about the test.

2 thoughts on “Quote, April 2 2012 – A random question from Cracked.com

  1. The statement is an interesting one. I’ve always been amused at Hollywood’s stereotyping of any Christian character. Preachers wear white collars, no matter their institutional affiliation, and more often than not, Christians are portrayed as loveless fanatics bents on stealing everyone’s joy.

    This saddens me for two reasons. First of all, this is not how true followers of Christ manifest themselves. Secondly, there have been enough bad apples, at least in Hollywood’s skewed perspective, to give the rest of us a really bad name.

  2. I agree Rob, it does seem like movies and tv shows stereotype Christians to an appalling extent.

    My own experience has been that Christians are just as diverse as any other group: there’s good people, bad people, people who insist that every rule has to be followed (Jacobs’ book “The Year of Living Biblically” was a rather humorous and at times very thought-provoking book about a man who spent a year trying to follow all the rules in the Bible as literally as possible — just the rule about not wearing clothes of mixed fibers opened up a whole unsuspected parallel universe of what is and is not mixed fibers and where they may unsuspectingly show up), people who try to go for the overall intent and be a good person but might be incorrect at times, and people who claim they are absolutely a faithful follower of whatever group they are claiming allegiance to but say things that are mind-boggling if that were true (one of my relatives has said he’s talked to multiple Native Americans who will look you right in the eye & claim they are absolutely traditional — but who won’t touch bison or deer meat, instead preferring beef).

    In other words, Christians are just as human as anyone else.

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