“Planning for the Rest of Your Life” — Wonderful post by Randy Cassingham

Link is http://www.thisistrue.com/blog-planning_for_the_rest_of_your_life.html, from Randy Cassingham’s This is True Blog.

(Specifying it’s from his blog as he also has a great e-mail newsletter named This is True. If you’re not subscribed, check it out, it comes out once a week & has a free subscription option if you don’t a few ads in the middle of your newsletter.)

“Planning for the Rest of Your Life” is a really great & inspiring post by Randy about setting out to make a plan for your goals and figuring out how to get to those goals.

OK, But How Does It Work?

You can call it the “law of attraction” — putting your “energy” out to the “universe” so that it will respond with what you want (which is what I’m told the movie The Secret was about) — but I consider that a “woo woo” belief, and that doesn’t work for me. Maybe that works for you; if it does, great: that’s all the explanation you need. But you don’t have to look at it that way. I don’t.

Here’s how I look at it, with my “rational mindset”: we humans need to get our desires — our goals, our dreams, our best-case scenarios — clear in our minds, and nothing is better at making them clear than writing them down. Plus, you can edit your plans if you change your mind, or if you decide your goals are too easy to achieve (or too big to bite off within a reasonable time). Or when you do the “Why” parts, you might find that they’re so thin that you need better ones so that you’re truly motivated to achieve your goals. Or you might find your “beliefs” in that area are holding you back.

If you have a clear vision in mind, with good reasons why you should work toward that vision, and a step-by-step plan for getting there, and they’re aligned with your beliefs, and keep those details constantly in mind (is it becoming clear why you have to write it all down?!), your brain will help you get it done. You’ve “programmed” your brain to Make It So, and you’ve made it clear to yourself why it’s worth the work to get there.

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