Recommendation: Timeless Food, great place to buy lentils

Timeless Food,, is a great place to go if you are looking for lentils. They sell six different types in one-pound bags.

Timeless Food’s products can be found in many gourmet and natural food stores (their products are all organic). If you’re looking for a store in your area,  there is a store finder at this link.  I stumbled across Timeless Food’s lentils because 2J’s in Great Falls carries their products.

In addition to Green lentils, Timeless Food also offers Du Puy lentils, Pardina lentils, Black Beluga lentils, and also Harvest Gold lentils & Petite Crimson lentils.

If you’re not familiar with the different lentil types, the first four in my list are a bit more solid and are great for salads and soups. The last two types will cook up into a bit more delicate lentil, and are not only great when cooked regularly but also are excellent for pureeing for use in dips and other dishes. I’ve found pureed gold or crimson lentils are an excellent thickener for casseroles or soups, adding both flavor & thickening.

As well as lentils, Timeless Food also has Black Kabuli Chickpeas (an heirloom variety), Purple Prairie Barley (another heirloom), Golden Flax Seeds, and Yellow Split Peas.

And although I’ve been using their products for a few years now, it was only a couple months ago I looked at the packaging closely enough to realize they’re a Montana company. 🙂


On a side note, as with any other type of dried lentil or bean you need to sort through these lentils before tossing them in the pot to cook. Lentils & beans grow close to the ground & while farmers and combine harvester manufacturers try their best to make sure the only thing in a package of lentils is lentils, there may be the occasional small rock that couldn’t sorted out mechanically because it was the same size as a lentil.

And on another side note, on their history page Timeless Food said they are also home to Eighth Wonder, which is a really wonderful distributor of heirlooms rices from the Philippines. (I wasn’t able to find any Eighth Wonder rice for sale on Timeless Food’s site, but I’ll go back and look another time to see if there’s a way to order those rices online as well. Eighth Wonder was started by a Montana native who was in Philippines in the Peace Corps, adn then started the company after revisiting her host village and finding that they were not finding a market for their heirloom rices locally.)

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