Personal Recommendation: to buy some great spice blends

About a year ago I was cleaning out the spice cabinet when I encountered an old bottle way in the back of something called Parsley Patch spice blend. It was a no-salt blend of dried parsley, onion powder (I think) and some other ingredients. Out of curiosity, I tried it.

I loved it.

After the bottle ran out, I checked and the grocery store didn’t carry it anymore. I did some searching online and found that and a number of other blends at

If you do a lot of cooking and like to use herbs & spices in what you make, is a great place to check out. Since I try to keep the sodium levels down when I cook, I was especially happy to see they have a whole page devoted to salt-free seasoning blends.

They also have a lot of other stuff there: herbs, spices, blends with salt, drink mixes, bouillon, utensils, etc.

They do focus on the restaurant industry, so a lot of the herbs & herb blends you’ll find there come in large containers, around 10-16 or even 20 ounces.

But, at least for me, some of those containers don’t last too long. I use it that much because they’re all really good.

My dad has even started using the McCormick Parsley Patch All Purpose Blend in his cooking, he said he tried it once in a noodle dish he was making and immediately upon eating it noticed what a difference it made.

While I’ve tried more than just these three, the following blends I use a lot are:

Now, probably isn’t the only place I could buy those mixes, but I’ve been so happy with their service I haven’t even thought of looking anywhere else.

Last time I ordered from them, they even sent along a note explaining that one of the seasoning companies had been bought out by a different company and even though what they were sending me had a different company name on it, they wanted to reassure me it was still the same ingredients.

Given that they target the restaurant industry & I’m ordering only a couple bottles of spice mix at a time, this attention to detail even in a small order really impressed me.


2 thoughts on “Personal Recommendation: to buy some great spice blends

  1. Thanks for the salt free link. I’ve been using my own mixes and Mrs. Dash. Both are a little tiresome while waiting for fresh herbs from the garden….except for rosemary which has borne up well even during our snowy weather.

    • I’ve tried rosemary a couple times, and had no luck at all. I’ve seen it used as landscaping around a couple restaurants & it’s beautiful when it grows well.

      I have had pretty decent luck with growing thyme, and of course mints like spearmint & chocolate mint do well too.

      But not rosemary. I salute your gardening skills Jennifer. 🙂

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