Quote, December 11 2011 — Actual cool people are too busy with real life to worry about updating their status

‘ At BlogCon, there was a bar night, and someone complained of not being able to get a signal, and then said, “But all the cool people have a signal, I’m sure.”

Gabe and I both said at the same time: “All the cool people aren’t checking to see if they have a signal at all.”‘

-Ace, Ace of Spades, “Hill Staffers Tweet That They’re All Drunk ‘n Stuff At Congressional Offices; Call Boss an “Idiot” and an A-hole”, December 8 2011 (site last accessed December 11 2011)

Ace’s post was about some congressional staffers who used Twitter to write extremely unprofessional comments about their boss & their job over a few months. Unsurprisingly, they got fired (what I wonder is why it took so long for someone to notice they were doing this).

It’s a short post with a rant well worth reading about people trying to stay connected to the internet all day every day. 🙂

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