Quote, October 31 2011 — Parties

‘Hey, everyone’s just hanging out and talking! Why aren’t the guys off at one end of the room and the girls at the other?? Why is nobody pretending to dance or drunkenly fighting or leaving in groups to go bar hopping?!

Oh, this is an actual party.

What?! Well, you could have put up a sign or something!’

– Winston Rowntree, Subnormality web comic, “masquerade” (Subnormality #190), October 31 2011

Although I don’t always like Rowntree’s Subnormality comics, I like them far more often than not. And occasionally he(she?) will absolutely hit the nail on the head. Such is the case with the quote above: actual parties include people having pleasant conversations with each other.

If you do follow the link to the October 31 comic (from which I got that quote) and are wondering what’s up with the Sphinx, she is a recurring character. 5000 years old, she has long since given up trying to keep track of the changes in human culture. She does like the recent inventions of interior heating though. And since she enjoys watching people, modern cities are quite a bit more useful for that than the Syrian desert thousands of years ago.

Some of the Subnormality comics are a bit not safe for work (more for profanity than anything else), so be careful if you’re browsing back through the previous comics.

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