Quote, August 20 2011 — Art

“the Frank Lloyd Wright design [of the Guggenheim art museum] ensures the human voice reverberates when spoken at anything more than a murmur. This is especially true if the human voice is that of a 12-year-old boy saying too loudly: “This is all a big pile of junk.” Meanwhile, our 10-year-old was silently contemplating the possibility that leaving behind his snack wrappers after watching TV makes him not a slob but an artist-philosopher with a provocative view on human consumption.

. . .

Over decades of museum and gallery visits, I have developed a foolproof theory related to art: the more impenetrable and pretentious the quotes about an artist’s work, the greater the likelihood that the art is going to be pretty ridiculous.”

– Scott Feschuk, “Hey kids, time to walk slowly past old stuff”, Maclean’s, August 8 2011 (site accessed for article August 20, 2011)

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