Book Recommendation – “17-76 Tea Party Award Winning Recipes” by Jennifer Petersen

17-76 Tea Party Award Winning Recipes by Jennifer Petersen (available from Amazon or Tea Trade Mart)  is an awesome recipe book for scones and things to put on scones. It has 76 scone & biscuit recipes and 17 recipes for jams, jellies, curds, marmalades and other spreads.

I’ve been cooking out of this cookbook for over a year & have yet to find anything that isn’t liked by myself or the rest of my family. When my mom takes the scones to work, she hides them so co-workers & customers can’t find them. And I would consider the Chai Apple Butter recipe worth the price of purchase all by itself.

If you like scones or spreads, I highly recommend this book.

And that’s not just because I’m a friend of Jennifer’s and was a regular customer of her tea shop when I lived in the Portland, OR area. It’s a truly wonderful cookbook. 🙂

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