Letter to the Admins of MySpace: why I am cancelling my MySpace account

I cancelled my MySpace account today. There was a field where I could enter comments as to why I was cancelling my account. These were my comments:

I liked MySpace when it was MySpace, not when it was trying to be a bad Facebook copy.

I’m getting friends request from people I don’t know, most of whom seem to be celebrity gossip columnists.

Yes, there are ways to change who can friend me, send friend requests, etc. But I can’t even clear up my present feed stream because the present MySpace interface is TOO BUGGY!!!

I wanted to find 2 blog posts recently posted on MySpace blogs I subscribe to. There were 400-some updates in my feed, over 99% of those being endless celebrity gossip from the same unwanted friends I mentioned before. No matter how many times I clicked on “hide feed” or “hide user” or whatever it was, every time I refreshed the page those some feed comments were there.

Which brings me to problems with the way the blogging system has changed. There seems to be no easily discernible way I can find a list of the MySpace blogs to which I’m subscribed. When I can find a link to a new post, there is no easy way to see their past posts or even a list of their past posts.

I’ve tried a couple times to play with the interface for changing my profile appearance, but every time I used it that was a hassle too. Primarily because of the overemphasis on the update feed.

To reiterate what I stated at the beginning of this message: I liked MySpace when it was trying to be MySpace. Now it’s trying to be a copy of Facebook (which I’m not that fond of anyway) except buggier & harder to use. So I’m cancelling my account.




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