MySpace dies a very slow & undignified death (yes, this is a rant)

I created a MySpace page a few years ago. Still have it, only because there’s a couple people I know who occasionally post blogs to MySpace.

But I don’t log on to MySpace — or Facebook, or any other social media — much anymore.

So when I logged on tonight to check a couple of those blogs I just mentioned, I was horrified at how far MySpace has fallen from what it once was (which arguably wasn’t much, but compared to other sites at the time it was hot stuff).

It’s now trying to be a cheap Facebook knockoff — all these little updates from various people. Except it’s worse than Facebook (as much as I wouldn’t have thought that possible) because the vast majority of these twits clogging up the update stream with their meaningless pointless irrelevant celebrity gossip were people I had never linked my MySpace page to. EVER!!!

And while there’s supposedly an option to hide various people from that stream, IT DOESN’T WORK!!!

That’s right, not only is it worse than Facebook for linking a person to goddamned meaningless drivel, but it’s even buggier than the old MySpace. The only possible way it could be this miserable to use is if the coders and site designers were TRYING to make it miserable to use!!!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE!!! LET IT DIE A NICE QUIET DEATH AND THEN GO FIND JOBS SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! And for anyone who was involved in designing, coding, or approving that abomination of a user interface I just waded through, please please please PLEASE go find a job that has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with the web design!!

“Like a brainshot sauroid biting out its own guts in its death throes” — that’s a quote from the five-novel series The General by S.M. Stirling & David Drake. It’s a quote that’s stuck with me ever since I first read it more than 10 years ago, and it’s not one I trot out very often. But in this case, I think it’s deserved.

Please. Let MySpace die a nice quiet peaceful death. Or even a not-so-peaceful death. But just let it die!

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