Random Food Recommendation: Lundberg Rice


Lundberg Rice is sold at the 2J’s store in Great Falls. It is really really good and I would recommend it to anyone who likes rice.

I’ve cooked the regular Basmati and Jasmine brown rice for various dishes a number of times, and I’ve cooked their gourmet rice blends a lot of times. Even though it is technically brown rice, I’ve never had anyone complain and I’ve had some people comment how much they like it.

Lundberg rice can be bought from a local store (there’s a store locator on their web site) or you can order direct. It is really good rice.


One thought on “Random Food Recommendation: Lundberg Rice

  1. Camille – Glad you posted about Lundberg Rice. It’s excellent quality and comes in a large variety of rice-only and rice-mix contents.
    I like their wild rice mix – it was the first choice for rice salads at Carnelian Rose.

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