Quote of the day — sales reps, check your numbers before running your mouth

Quote of the day: a farmer who’s good at math, talking about a farming equipment demonstration many years ago. The farmer said he asked the young company rep who had come out how often the disks on the 20-foot-wide seeding drill would need to be replaced.

The rep assured him “Sir, you should be able to seed several hundred thousand acres before you need to replace those disks.”

The farmer said he looked at the young rep and said “Jesus Christ, I can tell you don’t know a thing about farming! It’ll take significantly more than your lifetime to seed several hundred thousand acres with a 20-foot drill, by which time there won’t be anything left but maybe the tops of the drill boxes. That’s a hell of a long row!”

I don’t think the ground actually opened up and swallowed that poor company rep out of pity for his embarassment, but the rep probably wished it did.

(Out of curiosity, I did some calculations, and taking “several hundred *thousand* acres” to be 300,000 acres, and also using 43,560 sq ft / acre, a 20-foot wide drill, and 5.280 ft/mile, I came up with a row more than 123,000 miles long to seed “several hundred thousand acres” with a 20-foot drill.)

Somehow I doubt that company rep made that claim again.

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