Harvest 2009, day 3

It was supposed to rain last night, but didn’t. As of this morning NOAA said we had an 80% chance of rain today and tonight and 70% chance tomorrow and tomorrow night. It was cloudy and a bit muggy today, so the wheat straw was still tough. But we cut almost all day and the custom cutters will probably start a couple more combines tomorrow.

NEVER MIND — Dad just said it’s raining outside right now. So we probably won’t be cutting tomorrow. 🙂

Fed 6 people this evening. Menu:

  • Iced Tea & Lemonade
  • Green Salad
  • Bread&Butter sandwiches
  • Pork steak (Dad picked up a lot of pork chops and pork steak on sale this spring, so we’ll probably be eating quite a bit of that)
  • Brown rice (found some brown basmati rice at one of the local grocers, it’s really good)
  • White gravy
  • Sauteed onions & mushrooms
  • Loganberry pie

Last night was the first time I tried cooking with loganberries — they’re very tart!!! But after I put in extra sugar, it seemed to taste okay, and everyone else said they really like the pie too.

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