A Rant: MySpace & Facebook — Brilliant as ever

There’s sarcasm in that title, if you didn’t notice. MySpace and Facebook have decided to make life difficult, for reasons that I fail to comprehend.


MySpace first, since I’ve used that for longer — I’ve had a MySpace page for a couple years now. Don’t do a lot with it, honestly. But some of my friends use MySpace a lot and I upload photos to the photo album there so friends on MySpace can see some of my photos.

Used to be, I could open up a specific MySpace web page to upload photos, and I could use just about any address the web could access. My computer, a url from a different site, whatever.

So, I’d upload photos or images I wanted to use to either Flickr or Photobucket. Flickr I’d use for photos that I took myself, and/or photos from events I went to with friends or family where bunches of us took pictures. Photobucket I’d use for images from e-mail and the web, especially since Photobucket has this awesome and nifty little feature where I can forward an e-mail from my e-mail account to an e-mail address for my Photobucket account and Photobucket will automatically strip out the images and load them into my Photobucket album.

Once I decided to use a Flickr or Photobucket image on my MySpace page, I’d go to their handy-dandy uploader thingy, paste in the Flickr/Photobucket image address, and away we’d go.

But no more. At some point in the last six months or so (maybe longer, I haven’t uploaded images to MySpace in a while) MySpace decided I can only upload photos from the computer I’m on.

Which, if you just read all my explanation above, means that all that handy time-saving stuff about pasting in Flickr/Photobucket urls is now null and void.

What. The. Hell????


I’ve just started using Facebook and am finding the same thing — I can only upload images from the computer I’m sitting at.


Now, I can understand if there had been some nasty lawsuit about people uploading tons of images that weren’t theirs. But is that really what’s going on, or did MySpace and Facebook decide they wanted to monopolize people’s time? (I’ve read in other places that’s why MySpace starting letting people upload their videos to MySpace, they saw all the YouTube videos being posted on MySpace and decided they wanted a piece of the on-line video action.)

And on another side note, something that is REALLY irritating — I added a photo to my MySpace album, copied and pasted what was supposed to be the external link address, and then put that link (to a photo in my own MySpace album!!!) as the background for my MySpace page. Just to be very clear about what I did, on my own MySpace profile I pasted a link to an image that is in my own MySpace photo album. And . . . drum roll . . . the image did not show up on my profile.

But when I pasted in a link to a copy of the same image on my Photobucket account, it shows up as the background image for my MySpace profile with no problems.



Cross-posted on my MySpace blog.

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