Interesting website, not sure if the organization does that much . . . .

“Tri-National Advocacy for Efficient, Secure, and Environmentally Conscious Trade & Transportation”

(Probably vastly over-simplified) Summary: A group which recognizes that trade between Canada, the U.S.A., and Mexico, and between all three countries and the rest of the world, is crucial to the economy of all three countries and is steadily growing in volume. Which is a REALLY BIG problem, as infrastructure for the ports, railway systems, and roads for all three countries is a bit stretched right now, ESPECIALLY along the coasts. So the NASCO corridor is a beefed-up shipping lane and rail system that runs along the I-35 corridor from Canada, through the U.S. and down to Mexico. There will be inland ports along the way, and there are also plans to build up transportation routes from coastal ports to the NASCO corridor.

But the big overall goal is get a bunch of shipping traffic off the coasts, off the Mississippi river, and onto someplace (middle of the continent) where there is more room to physically expand and less population and environmental pressures.

Fascinating concept, and I hope it works out like they plan. But looking all over their website, I can’t see that they’ve actually ACCOMPLISHED that much, except for lobbying the government for money and facilitating meetings between interested public and private parties.

Anyway, I thought I would note it . . . .

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