Simple potato salad

Wash and trim some red potatoes, then cool. (You can decide whether you want to cut them all into a uniform size before you boil, or if you have baby spuds all about the same size you can just boil them whole.)

Finely chop some celery and red onion. The onion can be regular if you want a bit of a hot bite, or sweet if you want a salad that will be really mild. The celery and onion should be in about equal amounts, with some small adjustments depending on relative strength of flavor and your own personal preferences. The volume of celery and onion should be about 1/6 the volume of potatoes.

As much celery and onion as there is, finely chop at least half that volume (or more) of fresh parsley.

Put the celery, onion, parsley, and potatoes in a large bowl. Mix up some mayonnaise and sour cream (can use light versions of both in this recipe) in a ratio of about 2 parts mayo to one part sour cream. How much you mix up depends on how much you want in your salad. However much you mix up, dump that into the bowl and mix everything thoroughly.

Add in a little bit of lime juice to give the salad a bit of pop. I’ve found it’s easy to use too much if you’re using fresh squeezed, and easy to use too little if you’re using the type that comes in a bottle at the supermarket.

Your garnish flavors are celery seed and caraway seed. Lightly sprinkle and mix in to start with until you get used to the flavors and decide how much more you want to add in.

THAT’S IT!!! This will make a fairly colorful mild and creamy potato salad, that will be even milder if you’ve used sweet red onion. Although I’ve never made them both at the same time, I developed this recipe as something that could be a contrasting companion with the macaroni salad I posted a few months ago. The macaroni salad is very garlic-y and dill-y and (depending on how much mustard and cayenne and pepper I used) a bit bite-y. This potato salad here is very mild and creamy and onion-y and should balance out the pasta salad quite well, as well as balancing out any main dishes that are really heavy, salty, or spicy.

So, here’s the final list of ingredients:

    • Boiled red potatoes


  • Finely chopped celery



  • Finely chopped red onion, either sweet or regular



  • Finely chopped fresh parsley



  • Mayonnaise, light or regular



  • Sour cream, light or regular



  • Lime juice, fresh or from the bottle



  • Caraway seed



  • Celery seed



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