Still playing around with Flock

I wrote a while back that I had downloaded a web browser named “Flock” to try.

After using it for about a month, I have to say . . . I like it!!! I use it now more than either Internet Explorer or Firefox. Although it’s based on the Firefox browser (I think) it seems to play better with some websites than Firefox does. It seems to be a just a teeny bit better than Internet Explorer at keeping stable with MySpace, and it seems to do a little bit better at uploading photos to MySpace. It also does a better job at interacting with Flickr than either Firefox or Internet Explorer. One frustration I’ve had in particular is trying to arrange sets and collections in Flickr – the ordering is done by dragging-and-dropping icons for the collections, but sometimes both Internet Explorer and Firefox get into this mode where it can’t pick up the icon.

The only flaw I’ve found with Flock is when I went to play a video clip from one of AOL’s websites (, Flock would display the video but would not play any sound, while Internet Explorer did both sound and video without a problem.

But overall, I have to say I really like Flock!

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