Follow up to a story I read about a year ago

Note from November 2007: This was originally posted on a blog of mine that was hosted on Blogger. I’ve since imported that blog over here to C Good’s Things on WordPress.

This is really really sad, but I thought I would post a link to it anyway.

Long story short: A hispanic teenager got jumped by a couple of white teenagers after a party. This happened in April of 2006. The hispanic boy got beat almost to death, sodomized with a pole, and had bleach poured him at the end of it all. At the time the story first broke (which I read about because someone posted a link to it on a forum for a paralegal classs I was taking at the time), it was touch-and-go whether he was going to live or not. SO – fast forward a bit more than a year (to July 2007), two of the attackers are in jail for what they did, and the kid lived. His name was David Ritcheson and he was 18.

I say “was” because the news story above is how he jumped to his death off of a cruise ship. Damn.

The saddest part, besides the fact that what happened to him was so horrible, was all the quotes from all the people who had worked with him through the case, respected him so much for all he had lived through, and had such high hopes for him.


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