Well, that’s rather alarming to hear about Firefox . . .

(Note: posted from an e-mail, so no xhtml encoding yet)

I’ve been flipping back and forth between Firefox & Internet Explorer for a while now. They both have their strengths and weaknesses on different sites and uses.

However, I do like to know who is trying to set cookies on my machine, and I am NOT happy with the cookie management in Firefox 2.0. I can only set whether cookies will be accepted or not, and I don’t get to see who is trying to set cookies on my machine. WHAT THE HELL????

I did a search on the web, and found this particular forum discussion: http://www.mozillazine.org/talkback.html?article=20112. To sum up the comments section: the 3rd party cookie handling in Firefox is gone, as of version 2.0. Probably won’t come back, and may have never worked in the first place anyway.

So, to sum up: both Firefox & Internet Explorer have security issues. Explorer lets me see who is actually trying to set cookies on my machine, AND doesn’t have the memory leak that Firefox seems to have. (I am guessing it is a memory leak — all I know is that if I leave Firefox open for multiple days, it gobbles up memory like no tomorrow. Internet Explorer doesn’t do that, even with the same sites, and that’s happened on three separate computers I’ve had both Internet Explorer and Firefox installed on.)

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