Comparison of photo sharing sites

(Note: This is posted from an e-mail, html/xhtml encoding has not been done.)
While looking at photo-hosting sites, I did a search for a comparison, and found this article:
It was very useful, and mentioned a number of sites I had never even heard of!
From the article:
Firstly, we do not have single online photo market. There is still a clear mainstream market lead by KodakGallery and Yahoo! Photos. This market is basically focused on upload/album/print capabilities – and has little to none social aspects.
On the other hand, Flickr is a clear leader in the social photo sharing market. It has unmatched features, usability and community.
However the overall leader in the photo sharing market in general, and a good mix between mainstream and social web, is Photobucket. They have been able to add just enough social features, without getting too complex or fancy, to convert a lot of people from traditional photo sharing sites.
Also mentioned was, which sits on top of other photo hosting sites and creates slide shows.
I will have to check out,, and A friend of mine also mentioned, but it seems to be more for professional photographers.

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