First update in a long time, couple of comments on current events

Note from November 2007: This was originally posted on a blog of mine that was hosted on Blogger. I’ve since imported that blog over here to C Good’s Things on WordPress.

Here is an interesting piece in Sunday Times of London, England, about the 2008 U.S. presidential race. Hillary Clinton has fallen to fourth place in the polls for the Iowa primary, and is only one percentage point ahead of Barack Obama in the New Hampshire polls.

This is a good quote from the article:

For the other contenders who are hovering at the margins of the race, the main hope is that Democratic voters will prove reluctant to make the unprecedented choice of either a black or a woman in a year when so important an opportunity beckons and Republicans may be vulnerable because of opposition to the war in Iraq. Edwards has already staked out his claim to be the leading white male contender should either Clinton or Obama stumble.

Senator Joseph Biden, who will assume the chairmanship of the Senate’s foreign affairs committee, may throw in his hat as a possible vice-presidential choice.

There is a vociferous group of liberal Democrats who hope that former vice-president Al Gore can be persuaded to avenge his loss to Bush in 2000.

Even Senator John Kerry, the defeated candidate in 2004, is muttering about a second attempt, although few Democrats appear to be encouraging him.

There were also some comments in the article about how Senator Hillary Clinton should be able to draw on the political expertise of her husband, former President Bill Clinton. But the article also admitted that Hillary is vastly disliked by the general public, who see her as cold, calculating, strident and ideological.

And Saddam Hussein was executed. Hallelujah!!!!

These are a couple of good articles the Sunday Times:

And that’s it for tonight. Happy New Year!!!

One thought on “First update in a long time, couple of comments on current events

  1. I think Edwards is great but I just don’t know what has changed since 2004 except that he is two years older. The more I think about the Dems in 2008, the more I think the nomination is Al Gore’s to lose: he was robbed in 2000, has been consistently right on Iraq (unlike Hillary), and will not have a problem with either cash or name recognition… I wrote a story on this at

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