A refrain I have heard all too often . . .

An overheard conversation I have heard far too often:

My [grandparents/aunt/uncle/aunt&uncle] were wonderful cooks! They used to regularly throw parties that the whole [block/neighborhood/family/church] would come to, and everyone talked about how wonderful the food was.

And then, after they got older and finally passed on, everyone that used to come to the parties figured we would have gotten the recipes passed down to us. But we didn’t, because we found out after they died that all the dishes were made from scratch each time – there were no set recipes, they just knew how to mix flavors.

On the one hand, truly sad for all the survivors. Good food and good friends to share it with are a rare treasure.

On the other hand: what were you waiting for while they were still alive, an engraved invitation maybe?

If there is someone in your life who has a rare gift (like being a really good cook), let them know NOW. It brightens their day, costs you nothing, and maybe they’ll write down that recipe after all.

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