Adults that make teenagers look mature I – Michael Douglas is such a class(less) act

Note from November 2007: This was originally posted on a blog of mine that was hosted on Blogger. I’ve since imported that blog over here to C Good’s Things on WordPress.

Well, isn’t Michael Douglas a class act? The U.K. Daily Record is carrying a story about him titled “Douglas Outburst is the Pitts”, by Eva Simpson, dated March 14, 2006, at–name_page.html.

According to the article, Douglas was being interviewed by GQ and decided to express his opinions about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s relationship. Douglas, of course, has such a sterling reputation! Quote from the Daily Record article: “Douglas, 61, launched the attack on Pitt despite being a twice-married former sex addict himself.”

But here is the part that is beyond compare:

Douglas, married to Catherine Zeta Jones, said: “I don’t know about Brad Pitt leaving that beautiful woman to go hold orphans for Angelina. I mean, how long is that going to last?”

Now, that was probably something Douglas said without really thinking about it. But it’s amazing what you can learn about a person’s view of the world if you listen to the statements they make when they’re not really thinking about what they’re saying. Douglas’s point of view seems to be that given a choice between being married to a beautiful woman and “holding orphans” (that are the adopted children of another beautiful woman), the choice is clear!!!

Yeah, if you’re 13.

While I don’t follow the celebrity gossip that much, besides glancing at magazine covers while in line at the grocery store, and while I don’t think very highly of men who cheat on their wives, I do have to give Pitt & Jolie credit for (1) waiting for some time after Pitt & Aniston were divorced to officially announce they were a couple (even though it was an open secret long before that), (2) not spending time bad-mouthing Aniston, which is more than I can say for Aniston, and (3) having Pitt officially adopt Jolie’s kids.

While Jolie is more than a bit of a freak, she was devoted enough to her kids to break up with her previous husband, Thornton, because of his disinterest in kids. So I have to give her credit there too.

What has Douglas done that makes him so special that he can sit & pass judgement on Jolie & Pitt? Beats me.

One source said: “Brad is livid. He feels it is nobody else’s business and is particularly angry as Angelina is heavily pregnant.

“And for Douglas to then make fun of Angelina’s two children is beneath contempt.”

Amen to that.

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