RoHS XII – Standards body backs out

From, dated December 22:

IEC Rejects Standards Route for Marking

After significant controversy over marking standards options, the IEC has decided not to publish an International Standard for marking and labelling lead-free/RoHS products at all. Instead they will produce a Technical Specification with proposals for marking presence or non-presence of substances.

The article continues on, but to sum it all up: RoHS is a government-driven directive, the IEC is not a governmental body, and they are not going to try to tell the European governments how to interpret and enforce their own laws.

This is a very smart move on the IEC’s part, but still a pain for those of us that have to show compliance with RoHS, as there is no standard marking and most the European governments haven’t issued much in the way of guidance on how to mark products (or even test products or show due diligence, for that matter).

The IEC committee TC91 will produce a Technical Specification, discussion of which is to take place in April 2006. (For those unfamiliar with the workings of the IEC, it can take anywhere from six months to multiple years for an official technical document to make its way from committee discussions to public publication – and RoHS is supposed to become official as of July 1, 2006.)

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