RoHS VI – Finally, some help . . . .

A couple of web sites have come to my attention over the past month. I would REALLY recommend anyone dealing with RoHS check these sites out:

  • – Newark is a large electronic component distributor, and they have put together a site about RoHS. They have links to recent articles about RoHS. And, they also have a list of which U.S. states are considering RoHS-type legislation. This is the ONLY web site I am aware of that is tracking this stuff state-by-state. (The link for the list of states is services/rohs/documents/ Ewaste_Legislation.xls, take out the spaces after and documents/ before you paste it into a browser.)
  • The U.S. Commercial Service has a page ( all about WEEE & RoHS. The site says it is set up in part to help U.S. manufacturers sell stuff in Europe, and that includes keeping track of all their legislation. It has information on WEEE implementation by country for all the EU countries (except Malta, for some reason), and while I haven’t looked at the site that much, it is also supposed to have lists of who a manufacturer needs to contact in each country to get their WEEE licenses.

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