Religion & History I – Hindu & Muslim Strife in India

This is a link to a Reuters news story posted on Yahoo! News on July 6. The story is about some ongoing violence between Hindus & Muslims in India.

I would say that it was long-running violence, or violence with a history, except that the history here is relatively short. But in this case a lot of problems date to 1992.

That’s right, only 1992. In 1992, Hindu mobs tore down a 16th-century mosque. It has since been replaced with a temple (described as “makeshift”, so apparently not exactly a work of art that will last the ages) to the Hindu God-king Ram.

The leveling of the mosque triggered riots across India in which 3,000 people were killed. The article says that is the worst bloodletting seen since the Islamic Pakistan was created in 1947.

The recent rioting was triggered by attacks on the temple of Ram by five gunmen and a suicide bomber.

At this point in the story, I have to say that I consider suicide-bombing to be an act of cowardice and moral bankruptcy. Bill Whittle at Eject! Eject! Eject! has a really good piece (two-part , here and here) about why it is cowardice. I would encourage other people reading this post to look at Whittle’s piece, but one of the things he says is that soldiers should wear uniforms and should play by the rules because that is what allows the guys on the other side to try to shoot the soldiers, and not the civilians. Guerilla fighters, suicide bombers, and any other types of combatants that deliberately try to look like they are not soldiers are playing a very nasty game in which no one really “wins”, both sides become butchers and both sides get butchered, and finally one side gets so sick of everything they leave.

On the other hand, I would be pretty irritated as well if a 4- or 5-century-old place of worship was torn down by a bunch of people who claim that there used to be another temple there, four or five centuries ago.

So, in this case, both sides are idiots, and I’m mainly posting this as an example of how people can be more concerned with religion and history than is really healthy or sane.

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