European Legislation I – NOISE POLLUTION!!!!

This is a story posted July 11 by Reuters about European legislation on noise pollution. Which, as everyone knows, is the bane of all humanity.

Or at least enough of a bane to all humanity that the European Union is going to take 11 of its member states to court for not writing noise pollution legislation into their national laws. The 11 members are Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Britain.

I don’t have the list of EU member states memorized, but from what I can remember, that means that only Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands & Spain actually passed the legislation? Maybe the fact that 11 out of 15 states didn’t pass the legislation might be an indication they have more pressing matters to attend to?

The more I read about it, the more it seems like the European Union is a bunch of bureaucrats who get together, take each other out to lunch and dinner on expense accounts, write & pass bunches and bunches of legislation and rules that sometimes have nothing to do with the real world, and throw the occasional temper tantrum when the rest of Europe doesn’t hop the moment they say “jump!”.

This is really pathetic, especially because in many ways Europe used to be a big player in global politics. Their decisions used to be a big deal for everyone around them. World War I and World War II earned the titles “World War” because at that time, Europe influenced so much of the world that when Europe got into a war with itself, significant parts of the rest of the world followed along.

Unfortunately, a lot of people (including a lot of people here in the U.S.) still seem to believe that European opinions matter that much. When Europe passes foolish regulations, a lot of people over here still say “We should do that too!!!” and not “What the heck is Europe thinking??”.

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