ROHS II – For God’s Sake, People!!! Keep on top of this!

Just as a commentary, when a company wants to reassure another company that yes, the first company’s products will be RoHS-compliant, they should DATE their documentation.

I say this because recently I was asked to look at information a company provided that stated their cadmium-containing relays were RoHS compliant. This documentation consisted of some scanned pages of some EU parliament publication that said cadmium in contacts would be exempt.

HOWEVER, there was NO DATE on the EU publication, and nothing in the information from the vendor to derive a date either. I had NO way to tell how old the document was, which is really important because the whole cadmium-in-contacts thing looked to be smooth sailing until the EU parliament threw a tantrum around February or March of THIS YEAR. So, information predating February or March may not be of much use to me.

It is NOT ENOUGH to just send someone an official piece of paper that says “sure, no problem”. WHEN WAS THAT PIECE OF PAPER CREATED, AND BY WHOM??? THAT IS IMPORTANT INFORMATION!!!

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